Anatomical Gift Program – Suitability of Donations

There are certain factors/conditions that may render the body unacceptable for an anatomical donation and some of these may not be obvious until the time of death. Examples of such factors/conditions that may invalidate an anatomical donation include:

  1. the presence of certain infectious diseases by the deceased.
  2. an autopsy on the deceased.
  3. the presence of a major constriction or amputation of the limbs.
  4. the weight of the deceased (taking into consideration the height and stature of the individual, the weight limit is approximately 170-180 pounds).

The Brody School of Medicine, through its Curator of Anatomical Materials or another designee, reserves the right to decline the donation at the time of death. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you have alternate plans for disposition of your body in the event it is not accepted by the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University.

Should death occur outside the eastern part of the state or at such a distance that it would not be practical for this medical center to transport the body back to the Brody School of Medicine in Greenville, several alternatives exist:

  • The body may be returned to ECU at the expense of the family or estate for use by this medical school.
  • The body may be offered to the medical school nearest the place of death.
  • The body may be cremated with or without services, but with legal preparation and handling at the expense of the family or estate.
  • The body may undergo required preparation, with or without services, and be buried in another state, at the expense of the family or estate.

If you move outside the state of North Carolina, you should consider revoking your donation here and making a new donation to a medical school in your new state. Similar programs exist throughout the United States.