Randall H. Renegar, Ph.D.

Randall H. Renegar

Professor Emeritus
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 1996-2015

email: renegarra@ecu.edu

B.S., North Carolina State University
M.S., Michigan State University
Ph.D., University of Florida
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Florida

Selected Publications

Tarpey, M.D., A.P. Valencia, K.C. Jackson, A.J. Amorese, N.P. Balestrieri, R.H. Renegar, S.J.P. Pratt, T.E. Ryan, J.M. McClung, R.M. Lovering, and E.E. Spangenburg. 2019. Induced in vivo knockdown of the Brca1 gene in skeletal muscle results in skeletal muscle weakness. J. Physiol. [Epub ahead of print].

Lu, Z., D.H. Kim, J. Fan, Q. Lu, K. Verbanac, L. Ding, R. Renegar, and Y.H. Chen. 2015. A non-tight junction function of claudin-7 interaction with integrin signaling in suppressing lung cancer cell proliferation and detachment. Mol. Cancer. 14: 120.

Busada, J.T., E.P. Kaye, R.H. Renegar, and C.B. Geyer. 2014. Retinoic acid induces multiple hallmarks of the prospermatogonia-to-spermatogonia transition in the neonatal mouse. Biol. Reprod. 90(3):64, 1-11.

Kingsbury, N.L., R.H. Renegar, and J.M. Chalovich. 2013. Avian synaptopodin 2 (fesselin) stabilizes myosin filaments and actomyosin in the presence of ATP. Biochemistry. 52(43): 7641-7647.

Niedenberger, B., V. Chappell, E. Kaye, R. Renegar, and C. Geyer. 2013. Nuclear localization of the actin binding protein palladin in Sertoli cells. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 80: 403-413.

Ding, L., Z. Lu, O. Foreman, R. Tatum, Q. Lu, R. Renegar, J. Cao, and Y.H. Chen. 2012. Inflammation and disruption of the mucosal architecture in claudin-7 deficient mice. Gastroenterology 142: 305-15.

Zhang, G., L. Ding, R. Renegar, X.M. Wang, Q. Lu, S. Huo, and Y.-H. Chen. 2011. Hydroxycamptothecin-loaded Fe3O4 nanoparticles induce human lung cancer cell apoptosis through caspase-8 pathway activation and disrupt tight junctions. Cancer Sci. 102: 1216-22.

Renegar, R.A., J.M. Chalovich, B.D. Leinweber, J.T. Zary, and M.M. Schroeter. 2008. Localization of the actin-binding protein fesselin in chicken smooth muscle. Histochem. Cell Biol. 131: 191-196.

Former Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Stephanie Barnes, M.S.HomemakerBirmingham, AL
Chet Johns, M.D., Ph.D.PhysicianAnderson Area Medical Center, Anderson, SC
Margaret Maira, Ph.D, PTPhysical TherapistLovelace Rehabilitation Hospital, Santa Fe, NM
R. Brian McCaslin, M.S.Patent AttorneyBiotechnology and Pharmaceutical Practice Group, Foley & Lardner, Washington, DC
Melissa Roberts, M.S.